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  • 5 Interesting Ways You Can Enchant Your Office Colleagues

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    ‘FUN AT WORK’, who wouldn’t want their little dose of witticisms and plenty of laughter around, while crunching numbers and meeting deadlines! Every self-respecting employee across the world would raise their hands to this idea. And with that being said, as an owner of a prestigious venture or a boss leading a team, keeping your sheep happy, brings in more wool. Here are five funny games that you could play at work, which resonate with team building and interpersonal relationships at work. Read and apply dear boss!

    Who stole my sheep?


    This is a fairly relative new game which has just started doing the rounds, where there would be two teams respectively. The aim is to create team building while enjoying a BBQ on the office terrace one Friday evening after work- helps bond employees closer. Grab a box of woolen bales, glue sticks and accessories for the eyes, the nose and the tail. Each team in less than five minutes would have to create as many sheep as possible (they are allowed to rob from the other team a finished sheep too) and submit it at the customers’ corner (the boss’s table). Since the woolen bales would be of the same colour, even when robbed there is no telling who robbed how many. The aim is to coordinate and count while production happens, and keep an eye on the miscreant competitor’s ways too.

    Haute couture at work

    Divide the office staff into three or four teams, and hand out old newspaper sheets, cardboard boxes, glue sticks, pins and colorful ribbons. The aim is to dole out stylish gowns to the boss for his daughters first prom. Each team would have a gown each made from the props given and submitted in ten minutes to the boss. Believe us when we say, this is one team building exercise that wouldn’t want to stop.

    Bake a mud cake

    For this you would need plenty of nursery mud, a few earthen pots, plastic hand-shovels and a couple of colorful leaves made from plastic to use as embellishments. Think it is easy to make a mud cake; no it isn’t! Not when it is DRY MUD. The challenge here is to make a DRY MUD CAKE, sans moisture in it and with colorful toppings. Seems impossible but the client’s demands have to be met!

    Play bridal doll up

    Divide the office staff in groups of four, and hand over a box of skin-friendly cosmetic paints to them. Show them four to five exotic bridal make-up photographs of your choice from ethnic pages online and across the world. The models would only be the women in the team, while the challenge falls on the men, and without a word spoken and the women blindfolded, the women would guide the men with hand gestures on applying the motifs and makeup on their face. Time limit would be five minutes per team- impress the boss.

    Lady GaGa at work

    While the party is on, set a theme to that of Lady GaGa and ask every team to speak and communicate with the customer (the boss) only in a song chosen by him or her. Whatever they wish to tell you or ask from you, should be in a line or two from the song chosen by you (only Lady GaGa songs). The idea is to communicate effectively, even though a real-life client may not understand jargons and yet needs your services.

    Here were five funny games that haven’t been played before but would become hits for sure, when everyone indulges in them. The winning team obviously would be honoured with gifts and prizes; mementos galore. And when all is well and happy, there is more productivity too! Have fun!

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  • Corporate Fund Raising Events Need Not Be Boring: 5 Fun Ways to Bring in The Dough

    Hats off and salute to the noble cause of charity and fund raising. While ventures across the world spin trillion and gazillion of green bills each year as a turnover, their commitment to the society at large is well seen and honored. This is why most companies – big and small, indulge in corporate fund raising events and sagas. Should you too plan to do the same, and if your staff isn’t showing much interest- here are five fun ways to get them involved.

    Will style and doll up for fund raising

    The idea is to have corporate employees engage and market various salon services and products to team members they feel never ever like visiting parlors or salons. For a nominal fee, each team can market their services and products (salon based, spa, manicures and pedicures) at the fund raising event to bring in more money for the fund raising! Give them half a day and a counter each to set up their stalls- the more customers they get through their convincing marketing strategies and price points mentioned, the more they earn. The boss gets to check on the earnings and also motivates the team to do better.

    Will cook and bake for the hungry

    Everyone at work or maybe some of us at work are adept with baking and cooking. No wonder during lunch hours Henry and Julie’s tables are a thronging zone for the gang to bask at- their food is the yummiest little present from heaven to relish and talk about. Throw open a baking or a cooking competition; something light and easy which everyone would like to taste. The more food bought by other teams from a particular team, the more money they earn for charity. As a boss, you get to sample and savor each dish and announce the winner!

    Will auction for charity

    We all have knick-knacks and clothing or shoes and accessories at home or in the closet which wouldn’t be en vogue or of any functional use; instead of throwing them off, a good polishing or a touch up would be the best thing to do. Finally have an auction table, and on the lines of a luxe garage sale sell off what is displayed. The proceeds of the same would go to charity. Oh yes, each time the highest bid is given per auction, the team gets into a tizzy and dances to a peppy number.

    Will sing and dance for charity

    So you think you can dance like a swan and sing like a nightingale? It is time to flaunt those talents and in a quirky way, enacting a scene from a horror movie (yes, that is the twist). To watch each of these shows, a nominal fee would be charged- in addition to that, a couple of coupons have to be bought for drinks on the house and a plate of munchies to enjoy. Give this a night, and watch how the money rolls in- gather the families and friends too, make it public!

    Will paper dance for charity

    Paper dance with your favorite colleague, and your boss wouldn’t mind you getting a little cozy with someone special at work as well. Each couple though would have to place a bid. If they lose their predicting bid and are voted out before they assumed they would- the money they placed on the bid would be forfeited and sent into the charity box.

    Here were five fundraising event ideas that are quite fun and nice. The winning team or members would be given a bumper prize, and this is a great way to market your own products and services of the brand or company you represent too!

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  • 7 Quirky Halloween Party Ideas to Keep Your Employees At Work Happily Spooked

    Halloween Party party ideas singapore

    Who wouldn’t love to work for Ellen DeGeneres ? While most of us do not have the pleasure of being part of the team Ellen heads, let’s be grateful for the lovely bosses and companies we work under and for. So if you are a boss and would like to earn that gratitude, it is time to spook your crazy whacko employees with a little Halloween fun! We don’t really need to explain what Halloween is all about- who doesn’t know about this wonderful holiday. Bring out the ghouls and ghosts, and keep the employees tickled with our seven party ideas!

    7 Halloween spooked up games to play with your colleagues

    Ready or not here we begin!

    1. Play dress up

    halloween party costumes for adults at work place Dress up at your workplace
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    Divide the staff into teams and with names tagged to each team, allowing your employees to forget the suited-booted notes they wear each day and to work as usual with the funniest themed get-ups they can find. You would notice an assortment of characters come to life- Ghostbusters to Charlie’s Angels, Tin Man to Pocahontas, Jack the Ripper to Dr. Who as well, and who knows if Marilyn Monroe would make an appearance or not- an after work fashion party can be held too, with rewards and luxe gifts given to the best!

    2. Play explore the haunt!

    Should you feel your colleagues haven’t appreciated your invitation on dressing up for Halloween or the décor around, send out an IMPORTANT EMAIL announcing a treasure hunt amongst the decorations put up; watch how they scurry and reach out to the deepest darkest corners to find the bounty!

    3. Guess the creature

    At regular intervals, have your MAN FRIDAY send out Halloween Hardcore notes- a note that subtly describes a certain creature, ghost, alien movie, Hollywood celebrity etc, and keep the employees guessing for the next one. The first who answers at least a minimum of 5 from 10, wins a goodie hamper!

    4. Spooky quotes

    HALLOWEEN TATTOO QUOTES SG Halloween spooky quotes

    Send out spooky quotes the night before the Halloween work day to all employees via email, and stay quiet about the same. When they arrive, each of them would be given clues to your where about (you shouldn’t be at the workstation areas at all). The first one to reach you in person, sans the use of technological help, wins a hamper!

    5. Blair Witch tapes

    Ask your colleagues to create individual replicas of the Blair Witch tapes using their smartphones. Allocate with the help of the IT team a folder where they could upload their videos. Throw it open to the staff to vote for the best- the winner takes it all!

    6. Play the head waiter

    The idea is to spook the living daylights out of the employees, so ask your catering team to serve their guests with a severed head mask stitched to their shirts and shut the lights off at lunch time in the cafeteria, draw the curtains too. At lunch, let no one stay in the cafeteria (no one from the catering team). Announce a free lunch and gather your employees at the cafeteria, and do as said- watch the fun!

    7. Forbidden words

    As the boss, send out an email that forbids anyone to talk anything about Halloween. Keep your spies around (choose from amongst the colleagues). Make two teams and spies from both teams should help you catch people floundering the rules. Culprits get a bloody-red star pasted on their forehead- the team with the least stars, wins a hamper.

    customized halloween temporary tattoo stickers in SIngapore Set up a temporary tattoo booth at the Halloween party

    We so hope you enjoyed these seven fun games for Halloween, as much as we enjoyed researching and bringing them to you. Do share your ideas too, we love hearing what our readers enjoy! And yes, we can do better than you dear Ellen!

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  • Gumtoo custom tattoos - why, how & what

    Gumtoo started its operations in Singapore as a retail focused company in late 2012. It did not take us long to recognise that corporate market is pretty meaningful in the island country, so we started offering custom tattoos as well. In the last 3 years, Gumtoo has slowly and steadily grown into a leading player in Singapore for custom temporary tattoos.

    It starts with a fundamental difference at Gumtoo. We are primarily a design company (because of our B2C retail business), therefore we understand corporate client's design concepts and needs well. When you talk to us, you would get the feeling that your design concept is in safe hands.

    How to order gumbo custom tattoos step 1 How to order gumbo custom tattoos step 1

    We were one of the first wave of companies that were born when designer temporary tattoos took off as a fashion item in 2012. This has given us the time to absorb every product innovation that has taken place since then. That's why, we also started offering metallic tattoos in Singapore, and we do believe they are absolutely gorgeous as custom tattoos in a corporate party atmosphere!

    How to order gumbo custom tattoos step 2 How to order gumbo custom tattoos step 2

    By working with over 100 corporates and their variety of packaging needs, we have kind of become packaging experts, as long as they are for custom tattoos! The importance of packaging can not be overemphasised from our experience, we believe, unless it is a tattoo booth where, the tattoos are applied directly on the spot, always go for a packaged tattoo. It elevates the experience!

    How to order gumbo custom tattoos step 3 How to order gumbo custom tattoos step 3

    So when you think of custom tattoos in Singapore, you should think of Gumtoo if you you are looking for a complete end to end service delivery, design to packaged items delivered at your door step on time!

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  • SG50 Custom Temporary Tattoos

    In 2015, the nation will celebrate Singapore’s 50th anniversary of independence. SG50 will be the golden jubilee celebration for Singapore. It's time to celebrate the success of the nation-city. It is time to celebrate the journey. Gumtoo is proud to be a Singaporean company and we owe it to the occasion; we present our very own SG50 custom temporary tattoos.

    SSG50 SG50 - Celebrate the red dot

    We loved the SG50 logo for its simplicity and bold colors. When we sat down to design our own version of the same for the tattoos, we decided to stick to its original simplicity, yet add more vibrancy. The designs, when completed looked superb and we thought that they will look wonderful as tattoos. The tattoos look even better in reality! The colors just ooze positive feeling and a sense of celebration.

    Celebrate SG50 in style Celebrate SG50 in style

    Custom gumtoos are a great way to connect your brand with your fans, customers and guests in a unique fun way. So if you are organizing any events to celebrate the golden jubilee and would like to add some fun factor, do drop us a note at

    SG50 Made to order temporary tattoos for SG50

    Singaporeans can look forward to an exciting year in 2015. Indulge in the splash of colors via SG50 custom (or made to order) temporary tattoos and attend the large variety of events to celebrate our nation’s 50th year of independence.

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