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  • Camera Temporary Tattoos

    Why we love cameras?  Easy answer would be to capture memories, but is it really for that, so many of us roam around with that hanging camera snuggled to ourselves? There is definitely something more to it. To me, one of the essential reason is because it gives us a chance to be an artist, without fuss! Just click! You get your own art delivered!

    Expressing your love for the camera can be done by gifting your camera a nice sleek strap or a cosy little bag for example. We at Gumtoo Designer Temporary Tattoos offer  you an alternative channel to show your love via our camera temporary tattoos!

    Öykü Öge Öykü Öge

    You would love our temp tattoos from Photography Series. It doesn't really matter if you are out to take few snaps in the park or on a holiday with your friends or family, they will add a little bit of if style and fashion.  Put on our designer camera temporary tattoos from Photography Series and keep clicking in style!

    Studio Flash Camera designer temporary tattoo from Gumtoo Get your exposure right!

    We all just  love cameras, its tiny little buttons and the faint noises it makes and best of all the the promise it gives to us to deliver an art without fuss with just tap of finger!

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  • Gumtoo Designer Temp Tattoos for events

    Conveying a message successfully to the target audience is one of the most important thing in Corporate Branding. We are looking at corporate events, whether it is a pure self publicity one or a more subtle sponsored event.

    There are many new ways a message can be conveyed to the target audience in today's world e.g. Facebook page post, Blog post, tweets, Youtube Video etc etc. One of the alternative novel way is via designer temporary tattoos (we do emphasize the word "designer")

    A message needs few things to be in place to be impact full  It has to be memorable, coherent and it got to last in the target audience's mind.  Lets see the image below!

    Well, the message "Just Do It", does not really need a major make over, but you get the point. A message that is visually enriched by a great designer sticks to your mind and soul.

    Now, what if we take the visually enriched message and turn it into a fantastic Gumtoo designer Temporary Tattoo. Make it so irresistible that it would be a pleasure for participants or the audience to put on. The message will be carried by the participants on them and seen by his friends and family for as long as the temporary tattoo stays on (or it is rubbed off!).

    The key to succeed is the subtleness of the message, any direct association may not work e.g. dont think people will willingly put a credit card temporary tattoo on them (although a lot of other ways the same message be conveyed). But the good thing about human mind is, it amazingly keeps track of indirect association. All that is needed is a positive cause and effect and to teens that is equatable to "loads of fun").

    For a music event For a music event

    So why dont you give Gumtoo a try in your forthcoming corporate event? Forget about your usual corporate logos, give your message a designer makeover, make it memorable with Gumtoo Designer Temp Tattoo.

    Moreover, Gumtoo Temporary Tattoos can be applied pretty easily using just a little bit of water. They stay on for few days and best of all, they look and feel fantastic. They are made in USA and consist of FDA approved ingredients. They can be given to the participants Pre/During/Post event and encouraged to be applied. Works the same!

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  • Million Dollar Idea!

    Gumtoo was one of the several ideas that we had been considering. The drive to move away from the league of Wantapreneurs was quite strong. Many ideas came up, remained hot for days and months. We spent a lot of energy doing feasibility study, meeting people with the skill we needed. There were few mobile applications, tourism related ideas, some very random ones like (a peer to peer duty free buying & selling portal).

    Actually, a lot of ideas don't see the light, that's the harsh reality. In general they are all million dollar ideas in one's own mind, when they are just born. The next few days they metamorphoses into being either average or improbable or they exist already. Only handful ideas then go through what we call Mr. Wallet showdown. We will talk about that later. The point to note here is these are only perceptions, a good idea can be easily perceived not so good by some one, on some fateful day!

    While, we spent a lot of energy in taking the ideas forward, of course, none of them did materialize, as other wise would not have happened. When we look back, we can say that our entrepreneurial toil gave us few key lessons

    - There is no million dollar idea, there are just ideas and nothing else! Implementation is the key to a successful business.

    - Ideas are biased to perception, so bounce your ideas to few differing personalities

    - There's no small idea to start with, all ideas takes a lot of effort to make it happen

    Keep reading to see what made us choose as our first venture!

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  • Start of Gumtoo

    We always knew Gumtoo would be fun, but did not know it is going to be so hard to have a lot of fun! Well, we don’t have tattoos on us and we never knew much about temporary tattoos about a year back. Actually, who cared before TATTLY!

    But for many interesting reasons, we got involved into the idea of designer temporary. Firstly, it was about designs. Illustrations are generally the kind of WIP stuff you would love to be waking up to, they are refreshing (the good ones)! So we loved the idea of working on a business that revolves around designs. Secondly, it was about South East Asian exotic beaches & the buzz of travel, so we really thought, there is a great fit for the product.

    We looked around for temporary tattoos in brick and mortar shops, but as you would know these shops sell temporary tattoos as commodities. Back in Jan 2012, we got super excited about launching our first venture. There were quite a few major roadblocks...

    • No knowledge about designers & how they work
    • No knowledge about tattoo logistics
    • We were in a rigorous full time corporate jobs


    Please read on to see how we eventually opened Gumtoo!

    Stick Your Mood There is a Gumtoo for every mood!


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  • Christmas fun with Gumtoo Designer Tattoos

    Every Christmas I get an invitation like this…

    Dear XXX,

    You are invited to our Christmas Party on 25th Dec…….……… Bring along a gift not more than $ XX which you will share with your friends…………………… And don't forget to dress up in red …..

    Your Lovely Hosts


    I always listen to my hosts and dress up in a usual red tee and a red santa cap.

    The idea of creating fun and cool Christmas temporary tattoos came while reading such an email. How to make Christmas dress up more fun without spending a lot of time and money? We launched 5 Christmas designer temporary tattoos to make Christmas party more fun.

    Gumtoo Christmas Designer Temporary Tattoo collection is good for Christmas party Gumtoo Christmas Designer Tattoos Collection
    Santa designer temporary tattoo for the rocking christmas party in singapore Naughty Red Man was our bestseller

    Our best sellers were Oppa Santa Style by Apoorva and Naughty Red Man by Yvette. BTW we also gave Christmas freebies at Orchard Road.

    Gumtoo Christmas designer temporary tattoos. Great for Christmas party Gumtoo at Orchard Road Singapore
    Gumtoo designer temporary Christmas tattoos in Singapore. Perfect for Christmas Party Gumtoo at Orchard Road Singapore
    Gumtoo designer temporary christmas tattoos  for a fun christmas party Gumtoo at Orchard Road Singapore
    Gumtoo designer temporary Christmas tattoo for fun Christmas Party Gumtoo outside Cathay Cine in Orchard Singapore

    So if I were to send a Christmas invite it will go like this…

    Dear XXX,

    You are invited…..... Bring along a gift……. No dress code because I will dress you up in Gumtoo Christmas Designer Temporary Tattoos ;)

    Your host


    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we will see you next year.

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