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  • Event Gift ideas - Gumtoo Designer Temporary Tattoos

    Temporary Tattoos have been in use in parties and events for a while now. The little pieces of stickers add a lot of fun and excitement to any event. Event participants put the temporary tattoos on the spot and get into the mood of the event. The tattoos stay on few days after the event and the event stays alive in the minds longer! But temporary tattoos as a novel event gift ideas (as goodie bag) is a new concept and we love this! Checkout the various options we have for you to use Gumtoo Temporary Tattoos as goodie bags. Irrespective of your event size, we have an option for you to include Gumtoo in your event. So Gift a Gumtoo in your next event!

    Single Tattoo Assortments

    Gift a Gumtoo in events Single Tattoo Assortments

    Browse through our existing range of temporary tattoos, pick any design (s) and we will deliver them to you in this perky packaging for your event. Use them during the event or give them away as goodie bag, welcome or farewell gift.

    Four Tattoos in a Pack

    Gift a Gumtoo in events Four Tattoos in a Pack

    Numbers matter, especially when there are so many good designs around! Pick any 4 designs from our existing range of temporary tattoos and we will deliver them to you in this classy packaging for your event. Guaranteed to be loved by all!

    Gumtoo Readymade Sets

    Gift a Gumtoo in events Gumtoo Sets as a goodie bag

    Take goodie bag concept a notch higher with these classy Gumtoo readymade sets (6 Tattoos). We have created fabulous designs and packaged them into various hot contemporary themes such as Nautical/ Choppers and Planes/ Monsters etc.

    Custom - Tattoos With Packaging

    Gift a Gumtoo in events Custom Goodie Bags

    This is the premier offering that let you truly customize the experience, with custom temporary tattoos packed in unique custom packaging.

    So with so many options, it is very easy to Gift a Gumtoo in your next event and the best part is it definitely will enhance the fun quotient of your parties. Drop a mail at to ask for a quote and a chat!

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  • Awesome Custom Tattoos – Gumtoo Way

    Gumtoo offers the exclusive service to make custom temporary tattoos for your events, parties, functions and carnivals. We are a premium temporary tattoo retailer with exclusive range of designer temporary tattoos of our own and so we know how to make great temporary tattoos.

    Design Consulting - We offer our expert design consulting as a free service. We will ensure your design is optimized before we send it for manufacturing. This includes design review; size fit review and minor design modifications. We also can design from concept, but we will talk about that in a separate write up.

    Custom Tattoos We will ensure you would get a fabulous tattoo

    Quality - We only manufacture our tattoos with Flood White method. A layer of white covers the entire design and this ensures brilliant color once transferred onto your skin. Don’t worry, your design is kept as you see it, just that it looks much better when you put onto your skin.

    Safety - All our tattoos are made with skin safe, FDA approved ingredients. Now we take this very seriously and even if it is quite temping to print our tattoos in cheaper alternative locations, we resist and only manufacture our tattoos in USA with our trusted professional temporary tattoo manufacturing partners. Do take note that if you are sensitive to adhesive then do not put any temporary tattoos for that matter. Fun can come later, stay healthy fellas!

    Lead Time - We can deliver your temporary tattoos within 3 weeks from the time we have confirmed the design artwork. Contrary to popular belief, temporary tattoos do go through a thorough manufacturing process and hence please plan ahead, Gumtoo Temporary Tattoos are worth the wait!

    So now you know why we say, you can trust us that your temporary tattoos will always be awesome when you make custom tattoos with Gumtoo!

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  • SMU SLAMMED 2013 - Hyped by Gumtoo

    This year, Gumtoo is really excited to be part of one of the most popular camps among freshmen in Singapore and it is a.k.a SMU SLAMMED 2013, SMU sports camp! We could not wait to see our temporary tattoos being put on hundreds of fit and built sexy ladies and gentlemen! Gumtoo’s variety of design tattoos played big part in spicing up the events throughout the camp with its dynamic colors and funky designs. Also, look out for our model freshies who totally pull off Gumtoo’s Sport Theme tattoo with their own creativity and sexy biceps in beach activities!

    Let’s SLAM it!

    SLAM 1 – Freshmen Experience Day.

    In prequel to the camp, on 24 June 2013, every freshman was invited to SMU Freshmen Experience Day where students get to know more about different clubs, camps and activities available in SMU. And you know Gumtoo will never miss the chance to meet new freshies in our first hand! So, we celebrated Freshmen Experience Day in collaboration with SMU Sports Camp team and organized “Gumtoo Instagram” competition where students were invited to try on Gumtoo’s temporary tattoo and take awesome-posome photos and share it with us on Instagram (Follow us @playatgumtoo). The competition lasted throughout the camp and we were really excited to see many students showing great support and enthusiasm in the competition. The one lucky winner also got to go back with $100 worth of Uniqlo voucher and we have to say, Gumtoo is surprised by how creative and fun SMU students are in taking photos!

    SMU SLAMMED 2013 great support and enthusiasm for the competition

    SLAM 2 – When Sports meet Gumtoo.

    Over 5 days of SMU SLAMMED 2013, freshmen were all around Singapore for their ultimate sports challenges. Gumtoo finally met our new freshies on the first day of camp and stayed with them throughout the camp experiencing range of sports activities with them! Gumtoo’s sports theme tattoos ranging from bikes, surfing, football and even bikini were very well received by every participant and we were so psyched to see how they pulled them off during the camp! So here are the photos and check out how creative and cool these guys are!

    SMU Slammed 2013 Gumtoo is surprised by how creative and fun SMU students are!

    There you go - Final Slam!

    I kid you not, Gumtoo is still not over the crazy hype and fun that happened in SMU SLAMMED 2013 and we really appreciate the coolest 2013 freshies who had so much fun during the camp with Gumtoo. We could totally recharge our energy and passion from all the young souls in the camp and we wish every one of you the very best to have amazing university life ahead!

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  • Gumtoo Tattoo man

    The idea was to create a mascot for Gumtoo! We were toying with several ideas to uniquely position Gumtoo in the retail shops and during the promotional events. That's when, Gumtoo Tattoo Man came about.. and truly in a very unplanned way!

    tattoo man a Gumtoo got its iconic tattooman!

    We have been wondering what to put as a banner on our website, the eternal question of marketing, what kind of banner can visually capture the attention of today's split-second-attention-span shopper :) So we thought about creating an iconic tattooed human being.

    Thats when Valentina Felce came into the picture. We spotted her in Etsy and she runs BlueRaspberryDesigns shop and makes awesome tattooed toys for boys and girls. We loved her toys! We asked her to design the Gumtoo Tattoo Man.

    Gumtoo Tattoo man maker Valentina Felce

    Now, the tattoo man design was so eye catching that we were wondering whether to actually make a soft toy mascot with it or put it up as banner on the home page. We were not decided at all. At this point time, we were finalizing the retail display arrangement for the good people at MONOYONO and at the print shop while printing some banners, the idea of Gumtoo tattoo man as pop up display came about. The impromptu decision was taken and within next 30 minutes we were on our way to deliver Gumtoo's mascot to the first retail store. We have also found the lady love for our man!

    Tattoo man got his woman! Tattoo man got his woman!

    Stay tuned to see how we grow Gumtoo Tattoo Man's family!

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  • National Day Temporary Tattoo

    National Day is important. Nation needs a day to wind down and take a breather. It needs to move down the memory lane and relive the unforgettable moments from past! People of a nation needs to stop their busy lives for one day and cherish their nation. Do you feel the presence of the nation in your daily lives? Even if one doesn't, it is out there, giving us all it has and all that we need in a beautifully crafted system of mutual acceptance and genuine benevolence. It gives us our identity, culture, values, prospects, security and last but not the least it defines our society.

    We at Gumtoo decided to recognize the fact that we are very grateful to the state of Singapore. We are not only incorporated in Singapore; we live and breath in here! We came to Singapore 4 years ago and since then we have been truly amazed by the country's drive for continuous improvement in every field and legendary implementation & execution skills.

    So we decided to give our respect to Singapore by doing what we know best, designing temporary tattoo for the occasion!

    Fly_the_flag_designer_temporary_tattoo_1 Singapore turns 48... YAY!! Fly the Flag and celebrate Singapore National Day in style

    We designed this brand new designer temporary tattoo exclusively for Singapore National Day. It is conceptualized by a talented doodler from Singapore. You can checkout her small virtual space at Little Shop Of Dreams (L.S.O.D.).

    Ok_Lah_singlish_temporary_tattoo_1 Ok Lah - Carry the most favorite Singlish word with you, well on you!

    We also have one of our earlier designs (the most favorite Singlish word), which you can carry on you! Gift this colorful typography design to your expat friends and let them indulge in the local Singapore culture!

    Everyone should do their bit for the nation and with the two awesome designs, we do believe we have given the people of Singapore something to cheer about and have fun with during the celebration of the National Day! In all likelihood, next year we would have many more designs, but our appreciation for the state of Singapore will remain the same.

    Happy National Day Everyone!

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