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  • Gumtoo Featured Designer - Ori Chalbaud

    We love the friendship band temporary tattoos. It is girly, it is stylish and Ori managed to bring about a great deal of cheer and colours in this friendship band design. The first in the series and many more in the pipeline!

    Ori not only designed the tattoos but also got her friends to try the tattoos. We love the pics Ori :)

    Gumtoo's Friendship Band Designed by Ori Chalbaud Ori with her friends
    Friendship band temporary tattoo designed by Ori Friends are forever

    Simplicity connects very well with us at Gumtoo. We think Ori's "Back to School" design brings out fun and is a great example of free-hand drawing.

    Backing people to go back to simple and beautiful things! Back to School Temporary Tattoo
    Back to School ruler pencil temporary tattoos We are still kids :)
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  • Gumtoo Tattoo man

    The idea was to create a mascot for Gumtoo! We were toying with several ideas to uniquely position Gumtoo in the retail shops and during the promotional events. That's when, Gumtoo Tattoo Man came about.. and truly in a very unplanned way!

    tattoo man a Gumtoo got its iconic tattooman!

    We have been wondering what to put as a banner on our website, the eternal question of marketing, what kind of banner can visually capture the attention of today's split-second-attention-span shopper :) So we thought about creating an iconic tattooed human being.

    Thats when Valentina Felce came into the picture. We spotted her in Etsy and she runs BlueRaspberryDesigns shop and makes awesome tattooed toys for boys and girls. We loved her toys! We asked her to design the Gumtoo Tattoo Man.

    Gumtoo Tattoo man maker Valentina Felce

    Now, the tattoo man design was so eye catching that we were wondering whether to actually make a soft toy mascot with it or put it up as banner on the home page. We were not decided at all. At this point time, we were finalizing the retail display arrangement for the good people at MONOYONO and at the print shop while printing some banners, the idea of Gumtoo tattoo man as pop up display came about. The impromptu decision was taken and within next 30 minutes we were on our way to deliver Gumtoo's mascot to the first retail store. We have also found the lady love for our man!

    Tattoo man got his woman! Tattoo man got his woman!

    Stay tuned to see how we grow Gumtoo Tattoo Man's family!

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